Excerpts from the Manifold Zine: Daëna Ladéesse

Daëna Ladéesse
An exhibition of black female emerging artists in Soho
Greek Street, Soho, 2022
17-24 November 2022

“Within Buddhism we believe that we are creatures made of mostly non us elements. Meaning we are made of water, fire, earth, air, love and our ancestors. But also are made of our descendants. We are past, present and future all in once. “

“I can’t deny that love may have influenced this new palette.”

“This blue piece we’re showing « La danse des ancêtres » is the first painting I did in Dakar while falling in love with Rodrigue. Indeed this piece has been influenced by our identity and conversations. Blue is the colour that dominates your vision when living on an island. He is originally from Cabo Verde and I grew up in Guadeloupe. Between him and I the Atlantic Ocean separates our motherland but we still are called « creole » the language we speak is also called « creole » and in many part of our culture, history and complexity we are similar.”

“Each line must follow a breath flow, painting is like dancing to me so I love when you can feel the movement even on an inanimate object. The texture of the brushstrokes, the body of the work in space is what remains after the ephemeral dance in the studio.”