Helena Foster

Helena Foster (b. Benin City, 1988) is an artist living and working in London.

My practice seeks to capture the day-today conflicts and complexities that engulf every household whilst drawing on my personal experiences. I often begin by rephotographing pre-existing imagery taken from my archives. The original image is stripped down and reduced to intimate moments shared between two figures, or the occasional single character who is alone with their thoughts.

I am interested in nostalgia, moral dilemmas and spaces for shared experiences. I often find myself drawn to characters at crossroads. There is a certain sentimental essence emanating from images of characters who appear to be caught in a battle that has left them torn between head and heart, flesh and spirit, wants and needs, desires and dislikes. As part of my process, there is an underlying objective to explore how painting can be a conduit for expressing duality and articulating the contradictory feelings which plague the human condition.

At the core of these interests in is a commitment to painting, and to a certain extent, the ability to paint with abandon.