Excerpts from the Manifold: Turiya Adkins

Even if it's not representational, I feel like black artists have a way or an invisible duty of making works that are more than just aesthetic and I think that comes from the history of art.

Excerpts from the Manifold: Olukemi Lijadu

This work really began last year, when I was at the antique market, on Portobello better road and I was looking through one of the stalls and I noticed a stack of pictures.

Excerpts from the Manifold Zine: Ayoade Bamgboye

I think it could change everything, or it could change nothing. And I feel like it would be an iterative exercise that may or may bring the stream to life in a different way.

Excerpts from the Manifold Zine: Daëna Ladéesse

Within Buddhism we believe that we are creatures made of mostly non us elements. Meaning we are made of water, fire, earth, air, love and our ancestors.