Ayoade Bamgboye

My name is Ayoade Bamgboye. I live in London. I’m a writer – of what you may wonder – many things I say! I write jokes, I write scripts, I write silly little emails. Occasionally I do stand up. I am trying to destigmatise exclamation marks. I am constantly checking a thesaurus. I contain multitudes!

Every once in a while, as I think my thoughts, I beginto think about thinking. I’m not sure whatcomes first – me or my thoughts? Or am I literally allthat I think? The mundane and the profound,the unspeakable traumas, the boys I’ve wanted toforget about but can’t, things I wanted to say butdidn’t. Lyrics I’ll never forget. My hopes and dreams.The very thin line between sanity andwhatever is on the other side. My mind races all day –dancing between the permanence of who I am and theimpermanence of life’s vagaries. Am I trapped in it, orare these thoughts my freedom? I don’t know. But thisis what you’re looking at. My attempt to distil myconsciousness, at least some of it, into one longsentence. Depending on where you start, it might getdark. Don’t be afraid. I’m ok. I just have a lot ofthoughts.